Passage between our old life and the new, a few rare wines, 200 bottles for each…to order online. “Pas sage” means not wise, crazy wines…

Vins & Vignes

RANGE 1st age nature

It is vintage 2017, nothing added, nothing taken away. Order below or reserve for the wines which are not finished yet. Limited number of bottles


and biodynamic


Wines were born here

Vineyards, forests, meadows

and a small farm

Hens, bees, horses, sheeps,

we didn’t expect the ducks but why not…



We are very interested by the global approach of permaculture

and have a lot to learn

Wine is fermenting, concerts, exhibitions also occur here…

wine cellar and more…

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  • 3 wines box vintage 2017


    A totaly NATURE trio for the parties ! friend dinners etc. A very greedy red, a crunchy and complex orange, a natural bubbly that does not rise to the head! There is a family look for these 2017 vintages, neither filtered nor sulphited, organic and dynamiques….et excellent for your health. Also think about offering them! Special price for assortment, packing and shipping included

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  • PET en l’air


    PET NAT, sparkling natural unfiltered, unsulfated, bottled during fermentation You will appreciate its freshness and its delicate muscaté bouquet. To recommend from breakfast to bedtime.

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  • Air de famille – Family like


    A pinot noir 100% nature as we have been doing for 10 years, but very greedy and fruity with a beautiful ruby dress. Vintage 2017. It looks like the previous vintages, and there is a family similarity but with peculiarities: small wood press and much more to discover…

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  • Libres


    “Libres”, free is a pinot noir grappe but not only. This vine was planted by friends of our daughter of free Waldorf School Colmar in 2005, we get 250 bottles vintage 2016, the wine is free non filtered, non sulfited, only nature

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  • Langue ô chat… a riddle


    A riddle for you. .. terroir is a grand cru ? more precisely Winec-Schlossberg, composed with 3 grappe varieties ? taste, imagine, and tell us. There is a vivacity and tension but also body and a long finish. Granite gives him complexity and elegance, vintage scale and duration.

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  • Il y a de l’or… dans l’air


    An orange wine is amazing! For the white wines, the grapes are usually pressed after harvest and the juice is put into fermentation. Here the fermentation has been made with whole grapes leaving the juice in contact with the skins and one gets this beautiful couleur…and this very special touch in the mouth !

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  • Et pourquoi pas ? why not ?


    Muscat and sylvaner together ? et pourquoi pas, why not ? and it is and outlaw cuvée because both had late harvest characteristics but sylvaner late harvest is not allowed in Alsace. So it became something else…. However the effect is amazing: a whirl of curves and fine acidity. For exceptional and unexpected wine lovers

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  • Last dance


    It was the last dance for this old lady, a 70 years old gewurztraminer plot and this dance was amazing  et elle fut splendide, more than mature, botrytised, concentrated. Often not more than one grappe by stock and we embotteld 250 bottles for nearly 25 ares…  we have torn the stocks away during next winter and replanted 2 years later with pinot noir…

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  • Quand le chat n’est pas là


    “Quand le chat n’est pas là les souris dansent”. The fermentation of this pinot gris gives us a lot of trouble but he became a nice guy !

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Some other ways to enjoy wine, clic on pictures

“Radio vines”, all news….

Some grappes in the peach tree
Our project is to go further on with biodiversity experiences in our vineyards and specially the Pinot Noir located at Hinterburg. First step in the estate garden this summer as a vine grow up in the cherry and peach trees… up to 12 meters high…. We planted the pinot noir plot last year and will add some trees, compagnon plants, take a few vinestock away in the middle of the rows… We have not much experience with this so you may send us some informations, suggestions recommandations, also come and help us…

Horses, sheep and …
We will also add some more animal life on the estate, in the same time we started the permaculture vegetable garden this automn. Horses and Racka Sheep live here since a long time but chicken, and rabbits and bees will come soon… we need to learn a lot about it but it is an interesting new challenge

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  • WIN.CK great deal 93 pts Wine Enthousiast

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  • Harvest time 2017

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