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Wines are born here very slowly


Wines are born here very slowly






2 wine plots exclusively at Katzenthal


A round wine cellar, wines and music
are welcome

                        All made by hand in little series

Rare Klur wines + Tack&Glou

Order online with home delivery, for 6 bottles and more, packaging and shiping included to France and Germany, but we may also send to other destinations, ask for princing. Here you find our small assortment of very exclusive and precious bottles vintage 2015 and 2016, the last we made in the now leased vines, mostly 300 bottles of each, may be less, and with very specific stories (all certified organic and Demeter)

Our daughter took other the Klur Nature range in 2019 and she will be very happy if you order directly on her online shop Tack&Glou by Elisa Klur


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  • Last dance


    It was the last dance for this old vine lady, a 70 year old gewurztraminer plot and this dance was amazing , often not more than one grape here and there. We removed the stocks during the winter

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  • Libres


    “Libres” (free) is a pinot noir wine but not only. The vines were planted by friends of our daughter, from the free Waldorf School in Colmar in 2005. The wine is free non filtered, non sulfited, only natural. 250 bottles.

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  • Et pourquoi pas ?


    Muscat and sylvaner ?  why not ? both grapes had late harvest characteristics and the effect is amazing: a whirl of curves and fine acidity.

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  • Langue ô chat…


    A riddle for you. .. This white wine is composed of three grape varieties. Taste, imagine, and tell us what they are. There is a vivacity and tension but also body and a long finish. Granite gives it complexity and elegance.

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  • Quand le chat n’est pas là


    “Quand le chat n’est pas là les souris dansent” (when the cat is not there, the mice will dance…). The fermentation of this pinot gris went on and on but we never gave up hope, and we were rewarded!

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All Klur Nature wines are available here Tack&Glou

You may also stop by at Katzenthal.

To buy some wines at the shop only   rendez-vous
For a wine course or visit (for 10 people and more) ask for a tailor made offer.

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They wrote about our wines …

Coup de coeur 2020 for our orange wine Il y a de l’Or… dans l’air ! also noted in this edition of RVF “green guide” for best 2020 wines both riesling and pinot noir
Coup de coeur for the estate Vignoble Klur Guide RVF 2019
every year
Rvf wine guide choose one estate in each region for the Top list of the year, this time Vignoble Klur is the one for Alsace wine region. The criterion ? special attention and care for the vine and winemaking. also because of our choice of joyful decay that makes the Klur Vineyard a place of life and exchange that is deliberately oriented towards the nature wines.

Le Pinot Noir LIBRE est l’un des 27 vins sélectionnés sur les 145 rouges d”Alsace dégustés . “Fruits rouges, expressif, bon fond de vin, juteux, tanins fermes, doit se fondre” patience. The pinot noir LIBRE is one of 27 wines selected from the 145 Alsace reds tasted. “Red fruit, expressive, good wine background, juicy, firm tannins, must blend” patience.

Evelyne Malnic new wine guide ZERO PESTICIDES selected Pet en l’Air, Il y a de l’Or dans l’Air and Air de Famille . New guide dealing with wines with no pesticides, all analyses added in the comments

The range PASSAGE pas – sage guide RVF 2019:
In 2016 between our “old and new life” we had elaborated some valuable vintages. 300 bottles of each wine with names a little confusing but which contain the whole history of each wine. Rated 14.5 to 15.5 by the RVF with a special mention for the FREE Pinot Noir “A radiant wine, vinified in whole bunches, its cherry notes and its very elegant oakiness delight us.”

FOCUS on Alsace biodynamie and 8  NATURE wine estates, also VIGNOBLE KLUR
A special dossier dedicated by the RVF to the region which concentrates the most biodynamists of Europe! “among them some originals that went even further and have all gone from organic farming, to biodynamics and now exit the SO2!”