Welcome to a small organic place in Alsace !

Winegrowers in Katzenthal since the 17th century the KLUR have always been on the move. In 1999 the family recreated a vineyard in organic and biodynamic culture, the VIGNOBLE KLUR, and over the years became a small eco-system  wellknown for wines and natural wine adventures.  2017, the Klur family started a “joyous decroissance” become smaler and the estate evolved into an Ecolieu including a farm (small natural wines range and +), year-round rentals, a few holiday homes, a pop up bistro and a co-working space the Katz & Co, which is gradually moving towards wellbeing. In 2019 daughter Elisa takes over the micro-wine estate while continuing her training as a jeweler-goldsmith and workshop creation, her brand TACK & GLOU was born. Today the Klur Estate welcomes you to discover Tack & Glou wines by appointment, book an Katz&Co experience, a holiday home or settle in here for a short or longer time time

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