Et pourquoi pas ?


Muscat and sylvaner ?  why not ? both grapes had late harvest characteristics and the effect is amazing: a whirl of curves and fine acidity.

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“Et pourquoi pas?” (“and why not?”). Dare to make combinations, if it can magnify and enhance each of the grapes? Why not?! That’s the freedom of being a winemaker!

Some stories:
– where does this wine come from: the first grapes from a vineyard located in the grand cru area at the foot of the Wineck-Schlossberg hill. A long time ago gewurztraminer and muscat have been co-planted here. The soil is disintegrated granite for the first wine. For the second one the terroir is a very heavy clay soil near the front of the village.
– story: for this cuvée we harvested muscat  only because it was particularly expressive but in very very small quantity. We also chose sylvaner grapes with very opulent and rich aromas and a touch of acidity–a welcome pairing with the delicate muscat. We tried to marry them…  they lived happily and had many children: exactly 250 beautiful bottles
– our suggestions: an aged Comté cheese,  red meat accompanied of a verjus jelly, all dishes where a touch of acidity is desired

And also:
– temperature: around 10 or more.
– bottle of 0.75 cl, type “bourgeoise”, natural cork. own yeasts, light sulfiting at bottling day only, sweet wine.