Quand le chat n’est pas là


“Quand le chat n’est pas là les souris dansent” (when the cat is not there, the mice will dance…). The fermentation of this pinot gris went on and on but we never gave up hope, and we were rewarded!

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« Quand le chat n’est pas là  », “when the cat is not there, the mice will dance…” So this pinot gris that did only what it wanted…vintage 2015 

Some stories:
– where does this wine come from: from the steepest plot of all the grand cru Wineck-Schlossberg called “Steinacker” the field of stones! ” These south-facing vines have emerged from adolescence but have kept their impetuosity and spirit of revolt!
– story: we would have liked it a little soft, powerful but with a light sugar content… and it fermented more and more….the winemaker tried some “education”, changed the tunes, nothing helped, so he put it in small 2-year old oak barriques. The winter came, and the wine settled down,  developed structure, and became totally dry with a full body. It is a perfect balanced wine with character.
– our suggestions: the pinot gris is a seducer and it pairs well with food with personality.

And also:
-temperature: around 10
-quantity: 250 bottles
-technical info: 0.75 cl bottle de type « bourgeoise », natural cork, own yeast, lightly sulfites only at bottling. Medium dry expression