“Libres” (free) is a pinot noir wine but not only. The vines were planted by friends of our daughter, from the free Waldorf School in Colmar in 2005. The wine is free non filtered, non sulfited, only natural. 250 bottles.

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“Libres”:  Free,  it is a pinot noir but not only…

Some stories
– where does the wine come from: a small vine close to the calcareaous hill of the Florimont, limestone clay type soil, the rows are are oriented east-west, and the plot gets sun in the morning until the evening. The plot have vegetated rows and several rose bushes accompany the vines.
– the story: this vine was planted in 2005 by a class from the Waldorf school in Colmar – Logelbach. Twenry children from 9 to 10 years old carefully placed seedlings into holes that had been prepared, then they harvested here 7 years later in 2012, and bottled  the first wine in 2013.
This wine is a 2016 and it was the last harvest of this plot before we passed it on to a fellow organic winemaker. We crushed the grapes by foot and had a longer maceration. We pressed by hand about 3 weeks later. Bottled in July 2017

And also:
– temperature: room temperature
– bottle of 75 cl, type ‘ bourgeoise “, natural cork, no sulfites, no filtration, nature wine
– food and wine pairings: all dished in agreement with the delicate, ripe red fruits, meat or fish