Gourmet stop –Vignoble Klur

This 2.5 hour class is a journey into wine and organic food pairing. We work with local producers and the Slow Food network to present the best of our region and give you an unusual, and delicious taste of Alsace.


When you’re booking : Tell us about your interests and we’ll design a class just for you.


  • A wine tasting followed by a snack of local organic products. We can focus on the the Slow Food movement, or offer a  vegetarian, vegan or gluten free food pairing.
  • A visit followed by a food and wine pairing in our bistro or in the garden depending on the season.
  • A visit with all the senses : tactile, olfactory, gustative and sound approachs to winemaking, including a tasting in the dark. Can be adapted for those who are blind.

The class: We welcome you and talk a bit about the history of our winemaking, and then enter into the heart of the class by visiting the vineyards and cave. We end with a food and wine pairing. If you booked online we offer a little something extra such as a special pairing, a gift, discount, the 12th bottle free…

If you want to immerse yourself in the foods and wines of Alsace we can tailor a longer tour and tasting. These options will priced depending on what kind of tour we agree on. Contact us to find out what’s possible!


  • A bill will be sent to you when you’ll book.
  • Easy walking, accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
  • Minimum of 14 persons for the classes and maximum 24 people.
  • The booking will be confirmed when you’ll receive our confirmation.
  • You can book one of the free days on the calendar below.
  • Please note that the 20 € price is for a light farmer’s buffet and we will send you a special price offer for all alternatives (lunch, vegetarian, etc)